Plant Nurseries and Business Centres in Kent and Staffordshire

Fremontodendron (flannelbush or flannel bush)

William and Louise Friend run a small, ‘Friendly’, family run business at two combined plant nurseries and business centres ; “East Northdown Farm and Gardens” at East Northdown Farm, Margate, Kent, CT9 3TS. (East Northdown Kent map) located on Kent’s North East tip, near the original ‘Botany Bay’ and the other “Mucklestone Nurseries and Business Centre”, TF9 4DN :- located in the conservation village of Mucklestone , on the borders of Staffordshire, Cheshire and Shropshire. (Mucklestone Map).

At East Northdown Farm & Gardens, our Kent plant nursery, we specialise in coping with the problems of growing plants in chalky, coastal conditions and are always happy to give advice and select plants for a particular situation.

The adjoining East Northdown Farm Business Centre has provided premises for around 20 businesses, community groups, charities and farming businesses of all types, for the past 15 years.

We have re-furbished our farmshop and tearoom-“Taddy’s Barn” , now run by a group called ‘Looking Ahead’ – providing training in work and life skills to young adults with learning difficulties.

Our second plant nursery, Mucklestone Nurseries & Woodland Gardens, in Staffordshire, specialises in Woodland and Meadow plants. i.e. those plants better suited to the cooler, wetter, more acidic conditions prevalent in the north and west of Britain, such as perennials, ferns, bamboos and Rhododendrons.

As well as providing premises for a range of rural enterprises-on the farm, nursery and woodlands , Mucklestone Business Centre, now provides premises for an increasing number local small businesses – can we help you?

Both sites offer visitors the chance to browse around our extensive gardens and grounds, and particularly to see our two complimentary botanical collections of plants. In each area we propagate from plants that have been proven to do well and be hardy. We are therefore able to offer a uniquely comprehensive range of plants for growing conditions across the U.K. from our two sites , to nursery visitors or by mail order.

Visitor’s are encouraged to explore the grounds at each site to see and compare growing specimens of the plants they are interested in, both collections are fully indexed. Guided walks can be organised for garden societies and groups. You can choose your plants from our online plant list that is available in PDF or Excel format. To find more click ordering plants from

William’s roots extend far into the past at both farms. ‘Friends, Tomlins, Sacketts and Taddys’ at East Northdown, and William’s maternal family, the Hinchliffe, Crewe and Offley families, in Mucklestone. For details of local history see blog ., or contact us if we can help you trace your roots.

Each combined nursery, farm and business centre, continues to serves as a hub of local community life, offering affordable start up premises and facilities for local businesses, groups and charities, retaining the original farm, garden and parkland character of each site.